This is Deezer - The Geezer

The music streaming service Deezer launch their first UK ad campaign with a stylised series of spots created by pd3, directed by Tim Kirkby at Bootleg Films and posted at Rushes with grade by Simona Cristea Harrison,

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Deezer’s first TV ad campaign has a very British theme, with the main character a music-loving anti-hero dubbed geezer. The ad, created by pd3 and directed by Tim Kirkby at Bootleg Films, plays on the Deezer name by displaying things that rhyme with it and uses a parody of a 1970s educational style video with a voiceover.

The four ads have been designed to be viewed sequentially, with each of the ads in the series becoming progressively more bizarre in making rhyming connections to the word Deezer. From the lead character Geezer to a freezer, a crowd pleaser and a lemon squeezer. The campaign runs with the strapline “sounds like you”.

“The brief from Deezer was to create a campaign that would make the brand stand out and become more recognisable, and crucially deliver it to the UK audience in a way that would resonate with them,” said Cat Botibol, owner and creative chief at ad agency pd3, which created the campaign. “Through creating a memorable series of images and soundbites that bring the Deezer brand and service to the forefront, we’re excited about seeing its impact.”

Christian Harris, the managing director at Deezer UK & Ireland, said: "We wanted to reflect the off-beat and bold personality of Deezer in our first ever UK advertising campaign. The ads deliberately mimic a 1970s educational or public broadcaster style announcement. They are quite stylised but with a character who is a recognisable English character, a geezer. We’ve deliberately created a campaign specific to the UK market. Deezer hasn’t done TV advertising in the UK, and it is also a first in that no major music streaming service has done a mass-market UK TV campaign.”

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Client:  Deezer
Production Title:  This is Deezer

Agency: pd3
Producer:  Tom Frain
Art Director:  Cat Botibol
Copywriter:  Jo Ring

Production Company: Bootleg Films
Director:  Tim Kirkby
Producer:  Greg Jordan
Editor:  Nick Esdaile

Rushes Team
Producer:  Angela Lucantoni
Colourist:  Simona Cristea Harrison
VFX:  Dave Kiddie, Brian Carbin,
James Dooley


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