BBC 3 - Sweat the Small Stuff

Rushes post two trailers for brand new BBC 3 panel show ’Sweat the Small Stuff’.

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Rushes post 2 x 30” & 2 x 40” promos for brand new BBC 3 panel show ’Sweat the Small Stuff’, in which BBC Radio One Breakfast Show star Nick Grimshaw makes a big deal about the little things in life.

From daily obsessions to personal dilemmas, Grimmy, along with team captains Rickie and Melvin from Kiss FM and The Saturdays' Rochelle Humes are all sweating the small stuff with some very special guests.

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Production Title:  'Forgot My Friend's Name' & 'Baby?!?!' - Sweat the Small Stuff Trailer

Agency:  Red Bee Media
Producer:  Ann-Marie Small
Director:  Big Red Button - Pier van Tijn and Johnny Burns
Post Production:  Rushes
Producer:  Emma Watterson / Kayleigh Dugdale
Colourist:  Denny Cooper
VFX:  Glenn Cone


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