Saudi Airlines

Saudi (SV) Airlines launch their latest commercial, directed by Joel Pront through Film Pudding, which takes you through passenger experience.

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Saudi (SV) Airlines latest commercial, directed by Joel Pront through Film Pudding in Dubai, focuses on the experience that SV gives to their passengers by placing them at the heart of their service.

The commercial follows a passenger experience through a metaphorical journey which highlights the hospitality, entertainment and quality of care the passenger feels with the global reach and experience of SV.

The commercial was produced by Alain Abi Khalil at Film Pudding, with editing on set, and at Rushes, by Lizzy Graham. Supervised on set by Rushes Senior VFX Artist Jonny Hicks and featured hand held camera moves that needed to seamlessly connect between scenes.

Rushes were able to complete post work in the tight schedule required, through being able to have the offline, online, and grade occurring more or less simultaneously.

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Product:  Saudi Airlines
Production Title:  Welcome to Your World

Production Company:  Film Pudding
Director:  Joel Pront
Producer:  Alain Abi Khalil & Layal Moukahal
Editor:  Lizzy Graham @ PeepShow
Post Production:  Rushes
Producer:  Carl Grinter
Colourist:  Simona Harrison
VFX:  Jonny Hicks & Glenn Cone
CG Animation:  Michael Duongy & Andy Hargreaves
After Effects:  Barry Corcoran


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