Sand Rushes

What a few dedicated people can achieve in the name of awesomeness...

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Design. Construct. Create.


During a sunny day over Easter in Wales, on a glorious stretch of beach in the Gower Peninsula, the land art collective blackprojects teamed up with MGFX Studio to create a massive scale sand version of the legendary Rushes logo.

Weeks of planning were involved both to find a suitable location with the perfect conditions of flat sand and tidal movements and also to create a scaled constructional plan to work from of the Rushes R logo.

The coastal location of Rhossili Beach was chosen for having perfect conditions for our sand art. Bikes & bike trailer were loaded with the construction kit, cameras, rakes, food and kids... then we cycled out a good mile to get a nice clean section of beach to ourselves.

Three and a half hours later the design was finished with the manpower of three sand artists and their rakes including Matt's son James. The design lived for a total of 48 minutes which gave us just enough time to get some photos and then watch as the sea washed away all our hard work. Inevitably land art creates attention so towards the end of the construction process we had a small audience of fishermen and children who seemed quite baffled by our activities!

The end result was a huge success, the final design measuring a whopping 53 x 40 Metres which was visible from miles away, even from the top of the coastal cliffs far behind the sand dunes.

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Production Title:  Sand Rushes
Product:  Beach Art Logo Creation

Production Company:  Rushes / blackprojects
Construction Diagram:  blackprojects

Sand Artists:  Matt Lawrence, James Lawrence
Photography:  Matt Lawrence, Michaela Taylor, James Lawrence 
Rake Cam Operator:  blackprojects
Child Control:  Michaela Taylor
Additional Sand Castles:  Oliver Lawrence

Post Production:  Rushes MGFX Studio
Editor:  Matt Lawrence 
C4D:  Matt Lawrence
After Effects:  Matt Lawrence
Colourist:  Jack McGinity
Music:  Sphäre by Kollektiv Turmstrasse

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