Samsung - Origami Skater

Th2ng directing duo The Queen's awesome origami stop-motion skater‬ spot for Samsung. Graded by Rushes Denny Cooper.

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Th2ng directing duo The Queen put there origami skills to the test in new viral film for Samsung Solid State drive.

SSD NAND memory was always two dimensional, trapped on a single plane and restricting speed and capacity. Samsung’s range of 3D V-NAND SSDs are faster, more efficient and more robust – what better way to highlight this than with a stop-motion origami skateboarder doing cool tricks.

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Client:  Samsung
Production Title:  Origami Skater (Director's Cut)

Production Company: th1ng / th2ng
Director:  The Queen
Producer:  Ru Warner
DoP:  Malcom Hadley

Rushes Team
Producer:  Jon Purton
Colourist:  Denny Copper


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