Prada A/W 13

Inspired by the Wizard of Oz, shot by Rankin and graded by Simona Harrison, the Prada A/W13 collection is showcased in new exclusive film for Hunger magazine.

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Inspired by the Wizard of Oz, this editorial film shot by Rankin for Hunger Magazine features the AW13 collection from iconic label, Prada.

'Dorothy' features new face Ellen Burton, shot on location on Coopers farm in East Sussex. This charming film sees our Dorothy venture through the grounds on the farm, following clues, until she arrives at a tea party in the woods.

Throughout the film the colours of the collection are complimented with the choice of settings and props. Rushes colourist Simona Harrison expounds, “There were three contrasting looks, each requiring something different. It starts with a cooler blue look for the interior scenes of the barn, the film then moves onto a bright and colourful sunny cornfield scene. For this scene we kept the colours quite strong, particularly the greens, which created a nice contrast with the bright red of the sweater worn by Ellen. The film then progresses into a forest, where the background is much darker, and contrasted by her pink jacket, before moving into a clearing for the slightly brighter tea party scene.”

The soundtrack, ‘Back to the River’ by Lily & Madeleine accentuates the film’s enchanting story.

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Product:  Prada
Production Title:  Dorothy

Production Company:  Rankin Film
Director:  Rankin
Creative Director: Vicky Lawton
Producer:  Zoe Roberts
DoP:  Marcus Autelli
Art Director:  Dominic Chimea
Stylist:  Jack Shokman
Editor:  Nico Dyzel @ Rankin Film
Post Production:  Rushes
Producer:  Carl Grinter
Colourist:  Simona Harrison


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