Plusnet - Cinema

Rushes MGFX Studio create cinematic elements for Plusnet's latest campaign featuring comic character 'Joe'.

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Plusnet’s character ‘Joe’ returns in a new advertisement for the home phone and broadband provider, created by Karmarama and shot through production company Kream.

Rushes MGFX Studio were approached to create design elements to enhance the cinematic experience of the commercial, working closely with the director Stephen Pipe, the studio worked up concept artwork for logo animations and cinematic titling. Once style frames and conceptual work were signed off, shooting commenced, with principal photography taking place in an actual cinema, capturing the graphics live and in situ. These graphics were then re-purposed in post production.

The final creative task involved digitally dressing the facade of the cinema to further enhance visual impact. Matte painting techniques were employed to digitaly extend the buildings exterior. 3D assets generated in Cinema 4D were created for the neon signs and readograph that dominates the front of the building. Post lighting effects were then added in After Effects to create a convincing composite that would sell the shot.

Pipe said: “As a comedy director, it's great working on a brand that has a comedian as part of its advertising. It's a great way to get across so much information in an entertaining and amusing way.”

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Client:  Plusnet
Production Title:  Cinema

Agency:  Karmarama
Exec Creative Director:  Joe De Souza, Sam Walker
Creative Director:  Sam Cartmell
Producer:  Gwilym Gwilim

Production Company:  Kream
Director:  Stephen Pipe

Rushes Team
Executive Producer:  Kristy May Currie
Producer:  Jules Pye
Colourist:  Simona Harrison
Flame:  Jonny Hicks
MGFX:  Barry Corcoran, Fraser Macedo, Guy Hancock


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