Paul McCartney - Queenie Eye

There's star-studded, and then there's Simon Aboud's video for Paul McCartney's Queenie Eye.

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Director Simon Aboud and producer Hans Elias at Annex Films deliver this amazing promo for Sir Paul McCartney’s Queenie Eye, shot in ‘the most important studio in the history of pop’, Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios.

“A few of Paul’s friends and acquaintances” turned up to help proceedings; we get Johnny Depp, hanging out at the foot of the piano. Closely followed by a platoon of movie stars and supermodels and a few fellow musicians thrown in: Meryl Streep, Jude Law, Jeremy Irons, Peter Blake, Sean Penn, Tom Ford, Lily Cole, Gary Barlow, and, sort of stealing the show, Kate Moss.

With a plethora of A-list stars turning up at different times across the two day shoot, the logistical problems began for the team. The issue was ensuring no one was kept waiting and the celebrities could be composited seamlessly together to all appear in the studio, slowly building to a party atmosphere all at the same time.

VFX supervisor and compositing lead Martin Goodwin attended the shoots and worked with the director Simon Aboud and editor Julia Knight to orchestrate matching camera for the shots as people arrived so that everyone could be composited together. The promo was graded by colourist Denny Cooper and Martin Goodwin composited with Emir Hasham.

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Production Company:  Annex Films
Director:  Simon Aboud
Producer:  Hans Elias
DoP:  John Perez
Editor:  Julia Knight @ Cut and Run

Post Production:  Rushes
Producer:  Carl Grinter
Colourist:  Denny Cooper
VFX:  Martin Goodwin, Emir Hasham


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