NextEV NIO - Blue Sky Coming

Yannakis Jones & Not To Scale teamed up with agency Interstate to deliver two high-octane (low emission) films for the fastest electric supercar in the world, spectacularly graded by Rushes Simona Cristea and brought together by the Rushes Flame team.

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Not To Scale and director Yannakis Jones, teamed up with agency Interstate and German partners Erste Liebe to produce two films that document the “bringing to life” of a new car brand via an audacious supercar challenge at Nürburgring, encapsulating NextEv’s philosophy, personality and vision.

NextEv’s NIO EP9, the fastest electric supercar in the world, paves the way for a new range of electric cars in these exciting films that guide the viewer both viscerally and intellectually. “Blue Sky Coming” illustrates the significance of the NIO in automobile development through dynamic track footage, as well as interviews with drivers and engineers, all brought together with an awesome grade from Rushes Head of Creative Colour, Simona Cristea.

See the “Blue Sky Coming” - Next EV Nürburgring film above and see the Next EV CPR film here.

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Client: Next EV NIO
Production Title: Blue Sky Coming

Agency: Interstate
Producer: Ken Goodbody
Creative Director: Nigel Gray

Production Company: Not To Scale
Director: Yann Jones
Producer: Dan O’Rourke, Edward Tull
Editor: Charlie Moreton

Rushes Team
Producer: Jon Purton
Colourist: Simona Cristea
VFX: Omar Akkari


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