John Newman - Losing Sleep

Academy Films Corin Hardy delivers John Newman's new music video for 'Losing Sleep'.

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In John Newman’s new promo he ditches the stage to walk down a desolate residential street. As the visuals unfold, it becomes clear that he's haunted by a woman who he sees in every house in the street.

Directed by Corin Hardy, shot by Ula Pontikos and graded by Rushes Simone Grattarola, there's some stunning imagery which sees John battle the elements as his paramour also suffers in silence and it works to fit the track perfectly.

Corin comments, “I wanted to capture a dreamlike look and feel that spoke of the witching hour that you get around 3am in the suburbs, despite a tight schedule that dictated that we had to be shooting throughout the earlier part of the evening.
Ula's cinematography and lighting had to go from the fuggy interior spaces (shot during the day, art-directed by Laura Johnstone) into the wide open, night time moonlit street exteriors and Simone's beautiful and sensitive grade, as usual, was the icing on the dream-cake.
We felt that deep, late-night blue palette and gold motifs against the black shadows and pale moonlit would be an interesting way to go as well as to give a stylish painterly look for the video. Colour was really important for setting just the right mood and embedding the pastel glow of the silhouettes in the windows so that the tightrope between reality and dream felt grounded and emotional as well as strange and suggestive and skewed.”

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Artist:  John Newman
Track Title:  Losing Sleep

Production Company:  Academy Films
Director:  Corin Hardy
Producer:  Liz Kessler
DoP:  Ula Ponikis
Editor:  Vid Price @ Family Editing

Post Production:  Rushes
Producer:  Carl Grinter
Colourist:  Simone Grattarola


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