Hyundai - Veloster

Rushes CG team and MGFX studio collaborate to bring the latest Hyundai commercial to life.

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Rushes CG team and MGFX studio collaborate to bring the latest Hyundai commercial to life.

The Veloster tag line is “One car, Two Sides” and the commercial itself could be described as “One Commercial, Two Halves”, the first half being an entirely new sequence created by the CG Commercials team with the second half involving the adapting of an existing sequence by the MGFX team.

The CG team, led by Andy Hargreaves, were supplied with CAD data for the Veloster car which they set about cleaning up and texturing using a combination of Maya and RenderMan. The model itself was generally in good condition and just needed a few areas of remodeling and streamlining in order to make the work flow as efficiently as possible. Certain elements were remodeled completely whilst more complex elements such as the headlights were referenced at render time using RenderMan's RIB Archiving tools. All of the shaders for the various metal, glass, plastic and painted areas were created from scratch and combined with HDRI lighting techniques and RenderMan's excellent in camera depth of field tools to create a really high quality finish to the final renders.

Throughout this process lead animator Chris Hutchison worked on creating and editing a dynamic animatic and series of cutaway shots for the sequence with direction from the creatives at Saatchi and a guide audio track. Throughout this process the goal was in achieving the fine balance of showing the car off to best effect whilst maintaining the level of energy and fun required by the commercial. Andy and Chris finished their shots with a small amount of compositing in Nuke before handing over to Barry Corcoran in MGFX for final editing, compositing and effects work in After Effects. Barry's use of lighting effects, dynamic lens flares, cuts and graphic overlays take this already visually impressive sequence to another level.

The main task for the second half of the commercial was to take an existing sequence and adapt it to illustrate a right hand rather than left hand drive car and generally make it more visually enhanced plus engaging and exciting. This task fell entirely to the MGFX Studio team who set about a huge amount of rotoscoping, 2D tracking, keying and rig removal within After Effects in order to flip the car, remove decals and correct all of the badges and logos. A good deal of work was also put in at the concept and storyboarding stage to illustrate how best to enhance the existing environments in the sequence while retaining the clean graphic feel which Hyundai already loved. Ultimately a subtle colour gradient was gradually introduced into the sky, a series of dynamic lens flares were tracked to the street lights and the sequence was re-edited to give it more punch and energy.

The two sequences were then edited together by Barry before final touches, graphics and supers were applied and the final music track and voice over laid on.

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Product:  Hyundai Veloster
Production Title:  One Car, Two Sides

Agency:  M&C Saatchi for Innocean Worldwide UK
Agency Producer:  Estella Alvares
Art Director:  Will Bate
Copy Writer:  Curtis Brittles

Production Company:  Rushes
Producer:  Carl Grinter, Luke Toyne
CG Animation Director:  Andy Hargreaves
Maya:  Andy Hargreaves, Chris Hutchison, David Loh
Nuke:  Andy Hargreaves, Chris Hutchison
After Effects:  Barry Corcoran, Matt Lawrence, Brad Le Riche


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