Horizon - Planning

Rushes MGFX Studio develop an alternative, very cost effective time slice effect method for BBC Horizon.

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A&E doctor Kevin Fong finds out how doctors can avoid making mistakes in the high-pressure, high-stakes world of the operating theatre.

He sets out to learn how other professionals make life and death decisions under pressure - from airline pilots facing emergencies, to the Fire Service dealing with lethal blazes and to the world of Formula One pit crews.

The initial briefing from BBC Horizon Director Dave Stewart pointed us towards graphically creating a moment frozen in time that would clearly illustrate to the viewer the hazards of bad decision-making.

The Time Slice effect can be a tricky and a time consuming setup. Through earlier research and development, a technique was developed which would create maximum effect with minimal technical concerns. This quick and clean method was devised in order to achieve similar results to big budget Hollywood films in a fast turnaround.

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Production Title: Horizon – How to Avoid Mistakes in Surgery

Production Company: BBC
Director: Dave Stewart 
Series Editor: Aidan Laverty

Post Production: Rushes
Producer: Louise Hussey and Caroline Laing
MGFX: Barry Corcoran, Matt Lawrence, Brad Le Riche, Guy Hancock

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