Horizon - Data

Rushes MGFX Studio create graphics for BBC Horizon to clearly illustrate the new world of big data.

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In Los Angeles, a remarkable experiment is underway; the police are trying to predict crime, before it even happens. At the heart of the city of London, one trader believes that he has found the secret of making billions with math. In South Africa, astronomers are attempting to catalogue the entire cosmos. These very different worlds are united by one thing - an extraordinary explosion in data.

Rushes MGFX Studio were tasked with the creation of graphics to clearly illustrate the new world of data that we live in. Working closely with director John Fothergill the team designed and animated elements that were then tracked into environments that related to the subject matter.

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Product:  BBC Horizon
Production Title:  The Age of Big Data

Production Company:  BBC
Director:  John Fothergill
Producer:  Nicola Cook
Editor:  Aidan Laverty and James Van Der Pool  
Post Production:  Rushes
Producer:  Louise Hussey and Caroline Laing
MGFX:  Barry Corcoran, Matt Lawrence, Brad Le Riche and Guy Hancock


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