Honda HR-V

Lost Boys have ‘Everything perfectly in its place' in new Honda HR-V relaunch spot, meticulously crafted by Passion Pictures director Cassidy Burcher and graded by Simona Cristea Harrison.

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Lost Boys collaborate with Honda to relaunch of the Honda HR-V, with 60-second film featuring the endline ‘Everything perfectly in its place’, reflecting the HR-V’s cleverly-designed space and ability to fit around the owner’s lifestyle.

The ad features a Honda HR-V owner customising his cluttered and cramped garage in order to fit his new car seamlessly into it, before the sunroof opens and a set of ladders descend into the car.

Lost Boys Creative Partner, Gav Gordon-Rogers, on the idea behind the film… “Most garages are a nightmarish maelstrom of chaos. We liked the idea of bringing to life the campaign thought of ‘everything perfectly in its place’ by showing an ingenious transformation which is crafted to perfectly fit the HR-V, directly inspired by the design features and brilliant use of space within the car itself.”

Directed by Passion Pictures Cassidy Butcher, the film set was built completely from scratch, then packed-out with over 4,500 individual props carefully filling the garage, involving more than 30 crew members working across two days of filming. The garage even had a removable wall so they could capture the perfect angles of the HR-V as the car is given just enough space to drive in at the end, with "everything perfectly in its place".

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Client:  Honda
Production Title:  The Perfect Fit Garage

Agency: Lost Boys
Creative Director:  Gav Gordon-Rogers
Art Director:  Luke Crawford
Copywriter:  Jenny Hughes

Production Company: Passion Pictures
Director:  Cassidy Burcher
Executive Producer:  Ollie Allgrove
Producer:  Stephanie Zari
DoP:  Brian Strange
Editor:  Daniel Budin

Rushes Team
Producer:  Joe West
Production Coordinator:  Jon Purton
Colourist:  Simona Cristea Harrison


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