Simone Grattarola grades Hermès production directed by Caswell Coggins in collaboration with UVA.

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What if silver had a sound?

This interpretation of The Sound of Silver is a performance initiated in collaboration with United Visual Artist (UVA), the British design practise, and directed by Gang Films Caswell Coggins for the release of Hermès new silver collection.

The film interprets the range through light interaction with the jewellery, which visualises the sound that silver would make. Using textural light elements and laser interactions with the jewellery, shot on 35mm and Arri Alexa, Caswell and his production team created a visual spectacular through editing and grading of images that brings the jewellery alive to sound.

Caswell turned to colourist Simone Grattarola at Rushes to accentuate the imagery by bringing a silver tone grade to the film. The film was edited by Toby Conway-Hughes at Marshall Street Editors with production by Phil Tidy.

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Product:  Hermès
Production Title:  The Sound of Hermès Silver

Production Company:  Gang Films
Director:  Caswell Coggins
Producer:   Phil Tidy
Exec Producer:  Charlotte Dobbs-Higginson
Editor:  Toby Conway-Hughes @ Marshall Street Editors
Music:  YoggyOne
Post Production:  Rushes
Producer:  Carl Grinter
Colourist:  Simone Grattarola

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