Rushes team up with Stink & Ogilvy to take on the great sandwich debate, with some familiar faces all agreeing on one essential ingredient at least!

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White or brown? Bagel or bap? Thickly or thinly cut? Cherry or plum?
People don't agree on much in this commercial for Hellmann's mayonnaise but one thing they do agree on is their choice of condiment.

Directed by Stink‘s Andrew Lang and graded by Rushes Simona Harrison, the commercial features an interesting mix of familiar and unfamiliar faces in some strange couplings… including Sue Barker & anarchic comedian Joe Wilkinson enjoying a round of golf! The clever spot neatly underlines the idea that Hellmann's is the choice of the aficionados regardless of their other decisions.

Mr. Brian Blessed is brought in to proclaim the brand’s clever strap line in his dulcet tones, "You create the sandwich, Hellmann's make's it."

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Product:  Hellmann's Mayonnaise
Production Title:  Disagreements

Agency:  Ogilvy
Producer:  Maja Mcintosh
Creatives:  Jordan Down, Andrew Ferguson

Production Company:  Stink
Director:  Andrew Lang
Producer:  Jane Lloyd

Rushes Team
Producer:  Emma Watterson
Colourist:  Simona Harrison
VFX:  Martin Goodwin


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