Foxes - Holding Onto Heaven

Foxes is ‘Holding onto Heaven’ in Henry Scholfield’s music video, which sees the star flip between parties in parallel pastel filled universes.

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Foxes new video for ‘Holding onto Heaven’, sees the ‘Youth’ singer channelling her inner introvert and extrovert in two different versions of the same retro-tinged dance. With a lonely looking Foxes on one side and a happy dancing Foxes on the other... brought together by the Rushes VFX team.

VFX Supervisor Leo Weston comments on the project, “I pre-vised all of the FX shots in Flame first with Henry (Dir) to work out what camera moves would be possible. We then matched the moves on set. The scene was shot first with green screen from head height upwards. The moves were then flipped on the motion control rig and shot again on the same set. We flipped one of the plates upside-down again in Flame and joined the two scenes together, with due attention and care taken to smooth over the joins and remove the tracks for the rig. I think the final effect works really well.”

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Artist:  Foxes
Track Title:  Holding Onto Heaven
Production Company:  Caviar Content
Director:  Henry Scholfield
Exec Producer:  Louise Gagen
Producer:  Rachel Rumbold
Editor:  Vid Price
Rushes Team
Exec Producer:  Norra Abdul Rahim
Producer:  Joe West
Colourist:  Simone Grattarola
Lead VFX & VFX Supervisor:  Leo Weston
Additional VFX:  Matt Jackson, Jonny Hicks, Brian Carbin, James Dooley, Andy Barnard, Richie White, Martin Goodwin, Glenn Cone, Dave Kiddie

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