Horizon - Sugar v Fat

What's worse for us: sugar or fat? Rushes MGFX Studio help BBC Horizon investigate.

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What's worse for us: sugar or fat?

To answer the hottest question in nutrition, twin doctors Chris and Xand Van Tulleken go on month long high-fat and high-sugar diets. The effects on their bodies are shocking and surprising. But they also discover that in the debate about fat and sugar, the real enemy might have been hiding in plain sight.

Fractal Zooms, Hyper-lapse, morphs and screen graphics were created for this episode.
The fractal sequences were shot using 4K cameras giving us huge resolution which enabled us to create these zoom effects in After Effects. Shot on location in New York and London.

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Production Company:  BBC Science

Director:  Dave Stewart
Producer:  Dave Stewart
DOP:  Paul Jenkins
Sound:  Andy Yarne & Ryan Chandler
Researcher:  Jo Barwick
Special Effects:  Matt Crowther & Pasquale Tropea
Editor:  Louise Salkow
Grade:  Mike Curd
Exec Producer:  Aiden Laverty

Rushes Producer:  Caroline Laing
After Effects:  Matt Lawrence


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