Emporio Armani – Dusk till Dawn

Rankin delivers a sexy, stylish fashion film for the new Emporio Armani SS16 collection, inspired by the by the glamour and romance of the golden age of Hollywood. Starring the gorgeous Immy Waterhouse and graded by Simona Cristea Harrison.

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Rankin describes the film as a rollercoaster ride through the drama, romance, glamour and heart-pounding action of cinema’s most captivating era. It harks back to a bygone Tinseltown era of westerns and timeless classics, where everybody was a dreamer and everybody a star.

Influenced by the layered pinks and corals of the collection, the movie sees a day in the life of our starlet played out in front of a giant LED screen. A colourful time-lapse epic, from dusk till dawn. It is a trailer-style tale of celluloid heroines, big studio lots and nostalgic musical scores. All captured in a day, through the rising and setting of the sun. All beautifully accentuated by Rushes colourist Simona Cristea Harrison.

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Client: Emporio Armani
Production Title: Armani SS16

Production Company: Rankin Film
Director:  Rankin
Producer:  Storr Redman
DoP:  Marcus Autelli
Editor:  Gary Coogan

Rushes Team
Producer: Jon Purton
Colourist: Simona Harrison

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