Dan Croll - From Nowhere

Mathy & Fran's new video for Dan Croll places him into the challenging task.. this thing is serious.

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In Mathy & Fran's new video for 'From Nowhere', they place Dan Croll into the challenging task of a staring contest. This thing is serious. Anyone gutless enough to blink is eliminated, thrown out of the arena (school hall), without a second glance/blink.

Graded by Rushes Marty McCullen, this charming piece is a very good vehicle for the up and coming singer-songwriter, presenting him as something of a cool geek who's not to be messed with. And as with a few of Mathy & Fran’s other vids, the directing duo also populate the video with a group of attractive but distinctive extras, as Dan's competition.

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Artist:  Dan Croll
Track Title:  From Nowhere

Production Company:  Squire
Director:  Mathy & Fran
Producer:  Phil Tidy
DoP:  Jake Scott
Editor:  Ben Harrex @ Final Cut
Colourist:  Marty McMullan
Commissioner:  Cynthia Lole


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