The Movement for Movement

In ‘The Movement for Movement’, a poetic short film directed by Dean Freeman with Rhys Ifans and graded by Rushes Denny Cooper, we are taken on a journey through Cuba’s visually stunning scenery reminding us that "Life doesn't happen online. It happens outside, in the streets. Under the sky. Amongst other bodies."

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In ‘The Movement for Movement’ directed by Dean Freeman with Rhys Ifans, he draws us into the world of his subjects, revealing it in all its weird and wonderful glory, celebrating human life in all its diversity, its frailty and grit, its starkness and splendour.

Freeman headed to the rich and vibrant tapestry that is Havana, Cuba to capture the much untouched world of his subjects. With only 10% of the Cuban population connected to the online world, Freeman seeks to document and remind us of the splendour of life and movement.

On grading the films, Rushes Denny Cooper comments, "I knew that the Cuba films Dean directed and shot by Joshua C Fry would be superb and something I wanted to be involved in. In the grade, we pushed the rich colours and enhanced the natural light, feel and atmosphere that is so unique to this beautiful place and passionate people that make Cuba, Cuba. Creating just the right amount of contrast without losing any of the detail in the textures within the iconic buildings was key. Hopefully we achieved this and created stunning and memorable images.”

Freeman's accompanying photography for the project can currently be viewed in Rushes, find out more here.

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Director: Dean Freeman
DOP: Joshua C Fry
Voice Over; Rhys Ifans
Post Producer: Jon Purton
Colourist: Denny Cooper

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