Rushes MGFX Studio create H.U.D. animations for Chineasy, a revolutionary new system to understand and learn the Chinese language.

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Design agency US London with director/designers Jo Tanner and Mark Howard shot Chineasy founder ShaoLan introducing Chineasy, the easiest way to learn Chinese through pictograms.

Chineasy is a revolutionary new system to understand and learn the Chinese language. Using sleek contemporary design to bring to life the Chinese characters, creator ShaoLan has put a modern interpretation to the language whilst demonstrating aspects of Chinas origins and culture. Chineasy has already claimed Wallpaper's ‘Life-Enhancer of the year’ Design Award and been shortlisted for Design Museum's Design of the Year award.

Rushes MGFX Studio were tasked with bringing the very first Chineasy lesson to life! The production supplied us, with a raw edit of ShaoLan's performance and over 50 pictograms. The client wanted the Chinese language characters to animate onto screen and interact in an interesting H.U.D manner.

We designed a clean interface with smooth wipes and transitions that looks contemporary, simple and fresh. We didn’t want the interface to distract from the either the pictograms or ShaoLan’s performance, so used subtle compositing techniques and interactive glows to complement her presentation perfectly.

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Product:  Chineasy
Production Title:  Introduction – web film

Agency:  Chineasy
Creative Director:  ShaoLan Hsueh
Production Company:  US London
Director:  Jo Tanner & Mark Howard
Producer:  Gail Moseley
Editor:  Flaura Atkinson

Rushes Team
Producer:  Carl Grinter
Graphics:  Guy Hancock with Matt Lawrence


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