Chanel Cruise - Ready, Set, Go!

Watch Charlotte Free make her way through a real life video game in ‪'Press Play', a Chanel Cruise short film. Directed by Hunger creative director Vicky Lawton & graded by Rushes Simona Cristea Harrison.

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To coincide with Hunger magazine‘s newly launched eighth issue, the biannual lifestyle publication has created the “Chanel Cruise” short film, starring model Charlotte Free and directed by Hunger creative director Vicky Lawton.

Accompanied by a thumping electro beat, Free is tasked with navigating through an obstacle course of varying physically demanding degrees. Separated into stages, the video takes cues from classic platform games and features a “loading” screen that many, if not all, video game enthusiasts should be familiar with.

Vicky Lawton: “I wanted to create a highly visual film, full of colour and energy to match Charlotte’s personality. The obstacle course brought pace and action and the edit came together with video game style graphics, which keeps the whole aesthetic fun and youthful. Any excuse for a glitter canon, really!”

A lot of fun to create, shoot and edit, the film perfectly embodies the youthful energy of Chanel Cruise’s collection.

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Client:  Chanel Cruise
Production Title:  Ready, Set, Go!

Production Company: Rankin Film
Director:  Vicky Lawton
Producer:  Storr Redman
DoP:  Jack Sutcliffe
Editor:  Yuan Hu

Rushes Team
Producer:  Jon Purton
Colourist:  Simona Cristea Harrison


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