Bullring - We Are So City

Recreating Birmingham's Bullring in a fantastical animation devised by Aardman

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Animation studio Aardman has created a gloriously colourful model as the star of its campaign for the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham, collaborating with ad agency Isobel, with the spot posted by Rushes.

The spot incorporates reinterpretations of Birmingham landmarks alongside domestic objects using a four-tier revolving mechanical model, putting products such as cheese graters, ladles and lipsticks alongside architectural features such as the Selfridges building.

Rob Fletcher, Isobel creative partner, says, ‘We wanted to show a world full of delight and joy – to capture the many and varied facets of Bullring and to communicate its position as the heart of Birmingham'

The campaign launches the new Bullring Centre strapline ‘We Are So City’, and will be seen across platforms including online, advertorials, press, television, in-store and online. Outdoor advertisements have been created with augmented reality platform Aurasma. The campaigns autumn launch will be followed up by a Christmas themed version of the spot.

Aardman director Daniel Cohen, says, ‘I always like making worlds and try to imagine where I would want to live in that place. I kind of just think like a child…that’s what I really feel lucky to be able to do – then there’s no right or wrong!'

Hear more from Daniel Cohen about the campaign's creation in this insighful 'making of' here.

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Agency: Isobel
Art Director: Rob Fletcher 
Copy Writer: Dave Alexander

Production Company: Aardman Animations 
Director: Daniel Cohen
Producer: Stephanie Owen
DOP: Simon Paul 

Post Production: Rushes
Producer: Alison Wendt
Colourist: Denny Cooper
VFX: Martin Goodwin, Andy Barnard

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