Bruno Banani - Fragrance Lab

Rushes help Bruno Banani unveil some of the best kept secrets of their fragrance lab with a few magical steps enhanced by Rushes ‪VFX‬, ‪CG‬ and Colour by Simona Cristea Harrison.‬‬‬‬

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The creative team from Grey decided to take a look at the best kept secrets of Bruno Banani’s success and what it is that distinguishes good fragrances from the very best ones.

Rushes work was wide ranging across the processes behind the magical steps that guarantee you an irresistible scent composition. We were involved in the designing, animating and compositing of all the wonderful and slightly absurd lab components from the CG modelled mechanical arm and claw, the revving motorcycle engine, through to compositing multiple plates of honeys and oils into tubes and down ramps and the many other elements that make up Bruno’s Fragrance Lab.

The mechanical arm, claw and blender were modelled, animated and lit by Rushes CG Artists Craig Travis and Adam Lindsey. Craig commented, “It was a creative pleasure to work on. We wanted the claw to have a real sense of character, so we went through a number of iterations playing with size and perspective, to make sure the animation was spot and ensure that the gag worked.”

Lead VFX Artist Leo Weston adds, “Working with Tim & Joe for the first time was great fun. They’ve a great track record of inspiring work, so we knew straight away that this would be a great project. They were both involved with us from the offset, which really helped make the process run smoothly.”

The film was finally given its high end finish by Rushes Colourist Simona Cristea Harrison, “It was an absolute pleasure working on this fun and sexy look behind the scenes of Bruno Banai’s Fragrance Lab, with creatives Jamie Brunskill and Angela Harding, and the other super duo of Tim & Joe. In the grade we went for a highly polished look, with accents of colours that complement each other.”

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Client:  Bruno Banani
Production Title:  Fragrance Lab

Agency: Grey
Producer:  Jess Taylor
Creative:  Jamie Brunskill, Angela Harding
Business Director:  Nancy Suarez King

Production Company: Friend
Director:  Tim & Joe
Producer:  Luke Jacobs

Rushes Team
Exec Producer:  Jules Pye
Producer:  Jon Purton
Colourist:  Simona Cristea Harrison
VFX:  Leo Weston, Glenn Cone, Brian Carbin,
James Dooley
CG:  Craig Travis, Adam Lindsay
MGFX:  Guy Hancock


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