Brooke Candy - NASTY

Brooke Candy gets NASTY! Watch the striking Rankin directed promo, graded by Rushes Simona Cristea.

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Shot by Rankin, Brooke Candy’s video for NASTY features her characteristic visuals. What makes a good video? In the words of Brooke, “Positive energy, a natural flow of creativity, a sick director, obviously. And a solid performance, that’s what it’s really about – you need to believe what you’re performing. And definitely animals too. Proper costumes and weird costume, hair and make-up…”

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Artist:  Brooke Candy
Track Title:  Nasty

Production Company: Rankin Films
Director:  Rankin
Creative Director:  Rankin & Brooke Candy
Producer:  Storr Redman
Photography:  Rankin
DOP:  Marcus Autelli
Editor:  Jack Sutcliffe

Rushes Team
Producer:  Jon Purton
Colourist:  Simona Cristea


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