Breach - Everything you never had

Director duo the Sacred Egg deliver visually bold promo for Breach.

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Riff Raff Films director duo The Sacred Egg (aka Alex Mavor and Ed Kaye), executed a wonderful idea deftly, to the latest release from Breach (aka Ben Westbeech).

For the visually bold video, directors Ed and Alex loved the idea of creating an out of body experience that dancers feel when they let themselves go and fall completely into the moment. They visualised this in 8 separations of the dancer, in perfect synchronicity, stripping the dancer away down to her muscles, organs, skeleton and ultimately her spirit.

The choreography of each of the separate passes that make up the dance sequences were shot separately using motion control, and combined by the visual effects team at Rushes led by Leo Weston with Jonny Hicks, Glenn Cone, James Dooley and Andy Barnard.

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Artist:  Breach
Track Title:  Everything You Never Had

Label:  Atlantic Records 
Commissioner:  Dan Curwin & Sarah Tognazzi
Production Company:  Riff Raff Films
Director:  The Sacred Egg
Executive Producer:  Matthew Fone
Producer:  Sonya Sier
DoP:  Jake Scott
Editor:  Sam Bould
Post Production:  Rushes
Producer:  Carl Grinter
VFX:  Leo Weston, Jonny Hicks, Glenn Cone, Andy Barnard, James Dooley


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