BBC Horizon - Looking Young

Rushes MGFX Studio has completed a new documentary “The Truth About Looking Young” for acclaimed BBC strand Horizon.

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Rushes MGFX Studio has just completed work on a new documentary for acclaimed BBC strand Horizon. In “The Truth About Looking Young” plastic surgeon Dr Rozina Ali leaves the operating theatre behind for the frontiers of skin science and asks if it is possible to make your skin look younger without surgery.

She discovers the latest research about how the foods we eat can protect our skin from damage, and how a chemical found in a squid's eye is at the forefront of a new sun protection cream. She also finds out how sugar in our blood can make us look older, and explores an exciting new science called glycobiology which promises a breakthrough in making us look younger.

Director David Stewart, tasked Rushes MGFX Studio with providing a number of graphic sequences to highlight the key issues with “the truth about looking young”.

‘Clean stylised graphics that reflect the stylistic approach to the overall edit’ was the brief, and so Rushes Senior Designer Barry Corcoran looked to Cinema 4D to provide the solution.
Barry explains, “Dave wanted to ensure the graphics were visually interesting while clearly illustrating the many points of information involved with skin. “Skin as a multi- layered organ was easily executed and illustrated with Cinema 4D. The newly refined pipeline between Cinema 4D and After Effects allowed for a cleanly framed workflow and quick turnaround.

Once a look was developed with rough geometry and Photoshop, the final comps were embellished with light effects and dust. These elements reflected some of the main agents involved in ageing process of skin. A total of 9 shots were delivered.

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Production Title:  The Truth About Looking Young, BBC Horizon
Production Company:  BBC 

Director:  David Stewart
Series Producer:  Aidan Laverty

Post Production:  Rushes
Production:  Louise Hussey/Caroline Lang
Motion Graphics:  Barry Corcoran, Guy Hancock, Matt Lawrence.


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