Bacardi - Cezar

Novemba immerse themselves in the spirit of Bacardi.

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Challenged with a brief to create a film to accompany the latest global TVC for Bacardi, Novemba set about writing a dynamic treatment, which would turn the ‘making of’ film on its head.

Set in Brazil, the film is the portrait of a Cezar, a circus performer, whose untameable spirit is epitomized by his journey from a life on the streets to world class circus artist.

Graded by Rushes Simona Harrison, the film was shot in real locations and often using only available light, the effect is honest and intimate. The hand held camera moves rhythmically in an un-choreographed manner, creating the sense of being ’in the moment’. This film gives us an incredible peek into an extraordinary world.

To quote Blair and Oliver:
“This film will be an honest and intimate portrayal of a life, lived to the utmost. It will be a story of trials, and hardships, but ultimately of faith, and the great things that can be achieved through perseverance. This is the story of an untameable spirit, a master of their craft, who has fallen many times before, and always found the spirit to get back up”

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Product:  Bacardi
Production Title:  Cezar

Production Company:  Cap Gun
Director:  Novemba
Executive Producer:  Ollie Allgrove
Producer:  Lundi Shackleton
DoP:  Xavi Amoros
Editor:  Ben Boullier
Head of Moving Image (Bacardi):  Elliot Naftalin
Post Production:  Rushes
Producer:  Angela Lucatoni
Colourist:  Simona Harrison

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