All Saints - This is a War

Rankin directs an epic Medieval style video to match the equally epic song This Is A War by All Saints, beautifully graded by Rushes Simona Cristea.

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Bands reforming can be hit or miss, we all know this. But in the case of the reunion of All Saints – without a doubt the coolest girl group of the late 90s – the reaction is unanimous; this is a very good thing. The foursome released their comeback single “One Strike” in February, following it up with the much hyped album Red Flag in April, and a headline show at KOKO that sold out within minutes and incited near hysteria in fans and lovers of all things 90s.

Now the band release another assault on the radio (and potentially a few ex’s…) with “This Is A War”. As Nicole explains, “The song is about being able to love whoever you want. Being able to marry who you want to marry and to be able to choose your own destiny regardless of what people say or think. It’s very cinematic and really emotional”.

And to add to the cinematic track Rankin – one of the most prolific documenters of the 90s – has directed an equally epic video, which plays on the theme of battle and war, and sees a leather clad All Saints face off against an army of warriors, their horses and even an eagle. “I’ve always been a fan of All Saints and for this video wanted to create a medieval fantasy world in my studio, with All Saints being the stars,” said Rankin.

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Artist: All Saints
Track Title: This is a War

Production Company: Rankin Films
Director: Rankin
DoP: Marcus Autelli
Editor: Jack Chamberlain
First AD: Daniel Smith
Fashion Editor: Scott Robert Clark
Hair: Sharmaine Cox
Makeup: James O'Reily
Nails: Lyndsay Mcintosh
Production Designer: Lucy Cooper
Production Assistant: Isobel Irwin
Styling Assistant: Chala Seclan
Makeup assistants: Andrea Chiu, Anete Salinieka
Nails Assistant: Kate Cutler
Male Model: Max Rogers

Rushes Team
Producer: Jon Purton
Colourist: Simona Cristea

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